What is gang style rap?

Gangsta rap is a subgenre of hip-hop that emerged in the late 1980s on the West Coast of the United States and was mainly played by artists such as Tupac , Snoop Dogg , Too Short , Ice T, NWA 2 . He knows his climax to start in Compton ( California ) in Los Angeles County , through the NWA group. The first gangsta rappers are from gangs , and tell their lives in violence. This is one of the reasons why certain themes are recurring, such as drugs, police hatred, procuring , money, homophobia , and misogyny .

The founding and recurring themes of gangsta rap are money and success, essentially financial; women, drugs and trade, murder and other illegal activities, which is referred to by the term “gangsta” derived from anglophone gangster slang . Originally launched on the West Coast, the genus is implanted in much of the United States and, in particular, on the East Coast . Schoolly D , a pro-gangsta rapper from Philadelphia , or Kool G Rap , a New York-based “old timer” and respected librettist, both present since the early 1980s, illustrate this generalization from West to East.


Gangsta rap is a genre of hip-hop and rap music derived from hardcore rap 1 originating from the US West Coast , specifically California , launched in the late 1980s by NWA if other rappers, like Schoolly D , are also the origin of the gangsta rap) who made themselves known especially by the album Straight Outta Compton (a classic of the gangsta rap 3 ) but also a little more later through his most famous representatives such as 2Pac , Snoop Dogg or The Notorious BIG .

The early gangsta rap between the late 1980s and early 1990s , with rappers and bands such as NWA , Snoop Dogg, WC , and MC Eiht , often represented the lives of Los Angeles suburban gangsters, violence, racism, drug sales, police persecution of black youth, theft, gang warfare (such as between the Bloods and the Crips 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 ) without showing too much material value.

In the mid-1990s, a whole culture was associated with gangsta rap: the wearing of clothing, shoes, bandanas, caps and scarves in the colors of his gang; crip-walk, and blood-walk, which are dances associated with gangs; the setting up of a language and a way of speaking gangsta. Gangsta rap is popular throughout the world, notably because of the repeated assassinations of such renowned artists as 2Pac in 1996 and The Notorious BIG in 1997. 9 This musical genre began to spread to the US East Coast in the mid-1990s, when it became popular in New York with artists such as Mobb Deep , Nas , Public Enemy and MOP who gave a very grim gangsta gap . The gangsta rap also developed very early in the southern United States with the label Rap-A-Lot based in Houston , Texas , which at this time included in its ranks the group Geto Boys and Scarface 10 . Later, the Dirty South , and the record- breaking No Limit Records like Master P , C-Murder , Mystikal , Sylk the Shocker and Snoop Dogg , originally from New Orleans , Louisiana , and Three 6 Mafia from Memphis, who are beginning to introduce a new style of gangsta rap in the Southern United States.

In the 2000s , a new wave of gangsta rap spread in Texas ( Paul Wall , Slim Thug , Mike Jones and Chamillionaire ), Georgia ( TI , Young Jeezy , and Gucci Mane ), Florida ( Rick Ross , Ace Hood , Flo Rida , and Brisco ), Tennessee ( Yo Gotti , and Young Buck ), Illinois ( Chief Keef , and Lil Durk ).

In 2010, gangsta rap is present throughout the United States with representative rappers such as 50 Cent , Trick Trick , Ja Rule , The Game , Slim Thug , Mr. Criminal , Nu Jerzey Devil , and Nelly . The rappers’ style of representation is above all to be dominant and superior to others (“The Boss”), rolling in luxury cars (or lowriders that are the emblem of the gangsta rap on the west coast) often surrounded by pretty girls, defending money and bling – bling attitude [ ref. desired] .


The gangsta rap is much criticized for the themes covered in the songs and the attitudes of its supporters. These observations come largely from a category of the population who disapprove of the ideas conveyed by this music: machismo , egoism , gratuitous violence, homophobia , racism , intolerance, and drugs . Some rappers also consider that gangsta rap should avoid repeating the same themes, which they believe are responsible for a truncated image of hip-hop culture. This type of rap is the most widely diffused among the various currents coming from the United States [ref. required] .

Representative Artists

Rap East Coast : 50 Cent , G-Unit , Ghostface Killah , Ice-T , Big L , KRS-One , Illa Ghee , Infamous Mobb ,
Rap, West Coast : 2Pac , Outlawz , DJ Yella , Dr. Dre , Eazy-E , Ice Cube , Krazy Dee , MC Ren , Snoop Dogg , NWA , Westside Connection , Bone Thugs-Buggy , Buggy Buggy , Buggy Buggy , Buggy Buggy , Buggy Buggy , Buggy Birds, N-Harmony , Gucci Mane , Mac Dre , Master P , Rick Ross , Scarface , Three Mafia , Trick Trick , Unikkatil , Xzibit , Nate Dogg .

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